• Installation Instructions:

    • Please unzip the downloaded zip file and thereafter follow the installation instructions.
    • Click on the Install button.

    • Double click Setup.exe to start Installation process.

    • After installing, please follow the process for enabling Indian languages on Windows 2000 and above as given below in the Settings section.

    Note: These fonts will work best with Windows XP and Office 2003.

    • System Requirements:

    • Processor: Intel Celeron or above.

    • Windows NT,2000 or above.

    Settings for enabling Indian languages.

    Windows 2000:

    Go to "Control Panel" and click on "Regional Options" 

    Click "General" tab and from Language Settings for System window check on "Arabic" .

    It will ask for Win2000 CD. Installation will happen. 

    Reboot the system .

    Now again go to Regional Option and click on "Input Locales" tab .

    Add the languages in which you want to type. 

    A small "EN" will appear in the system tray.

    Left click on "EN" and choose "UR" to start typing in Urdu.

    Windows XP:

    Go to "Control Panel" and then click "Regional and Language Options". 

    Click on "Languages" tab and check on the box which says "Install Files for complex scripts". 

    This method will ask for Win XP CD. Put the CD in the CD drive and let the installation begin. 

    Once the installation is complete boot the system if required and again go to 2nd step. 

    Now click "Details" tab. Click on "Add" to add the languages of your choice. 

    Click on the "Advanced" tab in the "Details" tab.

    Uncheck the "Turn off advanced text services" in the "System Configuration".

    Restart you machine.

    A small "EN" will appear in the system tray. Left click on "EN" and choose the "UR" to start typing in Urdu.